Dragshows, Ausstellungen, Lesungen, Dating, Info-/ Soliveranstaltungen.....

Montags bis auf weiteres geschlossen :(

Montag, 15.11.21, 19h, Moving Territories - Soli Event




Soli Event to build a Green House in a community in Los Andes - Bolivia


Drag show

Music performance

Video streaming

Sonntag, 14.11.21,  STAND-UP-COMEDY mit Frau Schming - fällt leider aus!!

Frau Schming, neu auf der Bühne erzählt über ihr Leiden, äh Leben.



Dienstag, 09.11.21, 19h, Love is in the Air

Lip Service mit Shady Darling und Juno Herr, 8.11.21, 19h



It’s time for another episode of: LIP SERVICE – the show where we pretend to care! Meet bearded babe and fitness model Shady Darling together with her extraordinary sister and Irish émigré Juno Herr. Pleasure yourself with the real life version of their smash hit virtual show! Join them for drag, comedy, talk and games. This time with special guest and musical sensation, trans activist Maja Mascara. Come join us at 7.00 pm! Donation based 2G event.





Es geht wieder los!

Immer Montags ab 19 Uhr!


It's happening again!

Every monday sarting at 7 pm!

Venus Boys - Video

Watch the latest Venus Boys show at Silverfuture here! Recorded on September 7th 2020.

Hosted by Camp Dad. With El Papi Patacon, Dick Hunt, and Twat Butcher.


Venus Boys - A Playground for Masculine Drag - Anti TERF Special

Venus Boys is a collective of Berlin based drag artists who paint from the palette of performative masculinity.

On August 3rd 2020 members of the Venus Boys collective performed original experimental drag numbers in Silverfuture for this great video stream.

FUCK TERFs!  Video

With Camp Dad, Miss Steak, Lilith the Quing, Kai

Video by Nicholas Haumann Sound and Lights by - Babychino


Liebe Freund*innen vom SILVERFUTURE und CURLY,
wir haben noch sehr viel Augustiner Bier im Lager und wissen leider noch immer nicht, wann wir wieder richtig öffnen können.
Bevor das Bier schlecht wird, haben wir beschlossen, eine große ONLINE BIER AUKTION mit CAMP DAD und BLEACH
zu organisieren.
Wir streamen am 5. Juni ab 19 Uhr auf TWITCH.TV/SILVERFUTURECURLY
Sei dabei, wenn die erste weltweit queere online Bier Auktion stattfindet. :)


Dear friends of SILVERFUTRE and CURLY,
we have a lot of Augustiner Beer in our storage and we dont know when we can open again.
We don´t wanna throw away the beer because it will go bad.
This is why we invite you to attend the
Join us on June 5th at 7pm at TWITCH.TV/SILVERFUTURECURLY
You will be a part of the first queer online beer auction worldwide :)

DRAGOHOLIC Monday, March  30, 7pm



– a phenomenal celebration of queer music and drag art.

Join us every last Monday of the month at *SilverFuture* for a Dragoholic night with the fabulous Judy LaDivina and new drag performers, hitting our stage for the very first time.

outstanding lip-syncs, audience interaction and mind blowing drinks are on our menu to guarantee you’ll be entertained and inspired.

The entrance is free, the experience has proven to be very addictive.

QUEERBERG - Soliparty Show with Prince Emrah Sunday, March 15th, 7pm


come by and join us for this night of

Special price SOLI shots
Shortly dance theories
Special games
refugee supporting
Dance/Sing performances
fresh faces

Host: Prince Emrah

foto: Samet Durgun
design: Caddy Domplex

HAFLADAY Monday, March 9th, 7pm

with an amazing show by drag phenomenon *JUDY*LA*DIVINA* and Belly dance sensation *HAIDAR*A*DARWISH*

VENUS BOYS - a playground for masculine drag Monday, March 2nd, 7pm

Venus Boys is a collective of Berlin based drag artists who paint from the pallete of performative masculinity. On the first Monday of the month, at Silver Future, six members of the Venus Boys collective will perform original experimental drag numbers before your very eyes.
King. Dad. Lord. Lad. Gentleman. Jester. Dandy. God.

Bilder von Hilde Muffel. Vielen Dank!