Monday, 20.5 from 7pm, Queer Open Stage!!

Queer open mic! ❤️❤️

Singer-songwriters, Poets, Queer musicians and storytellers of all genders & genres: Silver Future will be hosting an open stage for you to sing, strum, and speak your heart:


Monday, 20 May

Silverfuture Bar, @silverfuture_bar

Weserstraße 206, 12047 Berlin

19:30 sign-up

20:00-22:00 show


Originals, covers, never-before-shared: everything is welcomed.


We provide only the following gear: a microphone and an acoustic guitar. Performers will be randomly selected after signing up, and the event has a hard stop at 22:00 (you’ll get to perform, no worries!). Please show up on time for sign-up!


To keep the event running smoothly, we ask that you only bring a guitar or phone as an accompanying instrument. We have the cables to plug you in.


Hosted by @elielovesongs, your local fairy poet popstar.



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Wednesday, 22.5 from 6 pm  LOVE IS IN THE AIR - FLINTA*

SAVE THE DATE:  Let’s celebrate together in our super cute and hot FLINTA* Love is in the Air evening! We want to create a space for everyone who are not welcomed in cis-hetero-male dominitaed spaces. PLEASE: RESPECT consent AND boundaries → nor grabing, touching without consent. this is NOT OKAY!

FLINTA* evening at Silverfuture! Tired of swiping? You need some time off from online dating? We have an idea for you! Enjoy some nice drinks, check out some cute FLINTA*s and flirt the old school way. Get and write analogue messages from table to table and flirt the hell out of it. This evening is also for you who just wanna hangout with nice people and have a nice time with friends! From FLINTA*s for FLINTA*s (Women, Lesbian, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans, Agender,...) ONLY!

Come in earlier to get a table and fall in love!

NO terfs, swerfs!

Flyer by @trashy_tatts ! Thanks!

Monday, 27.5 from 7pm  DANDANAH  - BY Wizzy

DANDANAH is an Arabic word that means Singing wherever you are at anytime and in every Situation.


For so long the Music has been an Escape from reality to a perfect world where everyone is equal and not defined by their Gender or Religion and in this Evening Dandanah's Cast wanna hold your hand and escape with you to that world. 🌏🎼


Interducing you to a new Culture, Genres and talnted Musicians and Artists that are not defined by anything but their Artistry, love to Music and Performance Art.


Dress cool and come toghether to enjoy a spicial Evining full of Love, Glam and Music 🔥❤️


Hosted by @Wizzyxcx


Shows starts at 19:30.

Wednesday, 29.5 from 5pm till late, SILVERFUTURE´S GOLDEN FUTURE

Monday, 3.6 from 7pm  Dick & Danger’s Drive Drag Show

Dick & Danger’s Drive Drag Show: A Drive themed Divisive Theater Drag Show performed by Kings, Quings, and Creatures from the confinement of a car to the freedom of Queer spaces and the exploration of masculine and non-binary realms. 


With your fabulous hosts:

- Angel Danger (they/them)


- Non binary Drag “Kring”(creature to king), shapeshifter between the worlds, sweet and dangerous, will charm with their sensitivity and shock with a wink in the eye.


- The Golden Dick (hard he/him) is God’s gift to the world🤴🏾🙌🏼 🤑Dental practitioner💰💰💰SWANA obsessed🌇Tehran-to-Temecula🇮🇷🪕🇺🇸🏖️So-Cal Boi 🔥🔥🔥political & posturing 💎🔫 can do no wrong 😜💋🔞


Joined by these incredible beings


Jude (they/them): International Drag darling based in Berlin.


Lynx Lynx (they/it) is an awkward clown creature who is 100% shame. It is trying its best to fit in and be "normal" by doing typical human things, but is always slightly missing the mark. They are very much 👉👈🥺


Scab is the crusty gremlin raised from an old manor house. Scab loves a slab of butter on a stale old piece of toast. Drowning in deep red wine, lying on a carpet of ash, scabby will be your best friend you’ll pull out of the trash. 


For the fun!!! The adventure!!! The feels!!! We hope to see you there and all your beautiful selves. Doors: 19:00:00/Show: 20:00


Entry: FRE€ 🫶🏽 Please bring 5-10€ for tips to help support the artists, creatures, creators, and the future Beings we hope to bring to the stage 💜💜💜


@silverfuture @dick_and_danger_drag @angel_in_solitude @thegoldendickdragking @disch.soap @champton.doc @jude_loves_you_too Photo: @hugo.goboy 


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