Monday, 15.7 from 7pm  Queers got Talent!

Welcome to ANNIVERSARY SHOW of QUEERS GOT T⭐️LENT! Come join the one year celebration!
Queers got Talent is a Drag show showcasing all the newest,freshest, most talented Drag performers in Berlins drag scene. First time Drag Performers,beginner Drag Performers, Performers in need of a stage to express themselves! Everyone’s welcome on our stage! Monty Ray(@monty.ray) and their mystery co-host will host this show-stopping evening and introduce you to some new talents in town! Featuring: Gonya @buuzzbuzz_bee Grant Gearshift @pelzpapa Buff Mouse Grill Bill @laurie.willss Nāga Kittima @naga.kittima Eric stoneheart @bloody_fucked Willy Wanker @sleazecheese It will be a show full of duets this time!!(montys favorite way to perform) A Line up full of ⭐️Stars ⭐️ You don’t want to miss this! Bring your talents and join us on Monday,15.07 7:30 p.m in Silver Future! Free Entry,Donation based 👑

Monday, 22.7from 7pm Workdatcxnt - Transmas. Collective Ballroom 1 year Anniversary!

🎉🌈 Happy 1 year to our transmasc fam! 🎉🌈 Let’s raise our glasses 🥂 on July 22nd at Silver Future to a year of growth & resilience.


Workdatcxnt, a collective with focus on transmasculine identities in ballroom is celebrating 1 year! In honor of our TM meetings first anniversary, we are thrilled to invite you to a special movie session, performance by Ras, the Qing @raslyohannes and panel discussion with Mandrake Mermaid Xtravaganza @iamjotaramos iO Mermaid  @leifsty1e Everston @artishbln Karma 007 @keem_the_menace and Slyde Gabanna Donyale Luna @walkerson50 


After performance and talk.


This event is open to all members of the ballroom community, regardless of identity. Come to join us for an evening of celebration and enlightenment as we delve into the world of TM within the scene, exploring the powerful stories and experiences shared by TM individuals.


The Aggressives is a 2005 documentary directed by Daniel Peddle. It is an exposé on the subculture of masculine presenting people of color and their “femme” counterparts. Filmed over five years in New York City, the featured subjects share their dreams, secrets, and deepest fears. #TransmascPride #OneYearStrong 👊🏽🏳️‍⚧️💪🏽

Wednesday, 24.7 from 6 pm  LOVE IS IN THE AIR - FLINTA*

SAVE THE DATE:  Let’s celebrate together in our super cute and hot FLINTA* Love is in the Air evening! We want to create a space for everyone who are not welcomed in cis-hetero-male dominitaed spaces. PLEASE: RESPECT consent AND boundaries → nor grabing, touching without consent. this is NOT OKAY!

FLINTA* evening at Silverfuture! Tired of swiping? You need some time off from online dating? We have an idea for you! Enjoy some nice drinks, check out some cute FLINTA*s and flirt the old school way. Get and write analogue messages from table to table and flirt the hell out of it. This evening is also for you who just wanna hangout with nice people and have a nice time with friends! From FLINTA*s for FLINTA*s (Women, Lesbian, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans, Agender,...) ONLY!

Come in earlier to get a table and fall in love!

NO terfs, swerfs!

Flyer by @trashy_tatts ! Thanks!

Wednesday, 31.7 from 5pm till late, SILVERFUTURE´S GOLDEN FUTURE