Wednesday, 22.11 from 6 pm  LOVE IS IN THE AIR - FLINTA*

SAVE THE DATE: Next on is on 22nd of November from 6pm!! Let’s celebrate together in our super cute and hot FLINTA* Love is in the Air evening! We want to create a space for everyone who are not welcomed in cis-hetero-male dominitaed spaces. PLEASE: RESPECT consent AND boundaries → nor grabing, touching without consent. this is NOT OKAY!

FLINTA* evening at Silverfuture! Tired of swiping? You need some time off from online dating? We have an idea for you! Enjoy some nice drinks, check out some cute FLINTA*s and flirt the old school way. Get and write analogue messages from table to table and flirt the hell out of it. This evening is also for you who just wanna hangout with nice people and have a nice time with friends! From FLINTA*s for FLINTA*s (Women, Lesbian, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans, Agender,...) ONLY! Wednesday, 23rd of August from 6 p.m. on.

Come in earlier to get a table and fall in love!

NO terfs, swerfs!

Flyer by @trashy_tatts ! Thanks!

Wednesday, 29.11 from 5pm till late, SILVERFUTURE´S GOLDEN FUTURE