Monday, 20.03, DRAG SHOW - 7 pm



On Monday 20th of March, come by Silver Future for some Wrecking Queers !


You wanna laugh, cry and/or get wet?

Those Drag Kings&Quings are here for you : Cynna Moon, Ripping Schwarzoff, Luiso, Pétrole Désamour, and more to be announced.


Starting at 7pm, suggested donation: 10 euros. 

@rippschwarzoff @king_poilu @lucgtrrz

Wednesday, 22.03, FLINTA* LOVE IS IN THE AIR, 6 pm

22/03/23 - Wednesday!  Save the date! We are back in March with our super cute and hot FLINTA* Love is in the Air evening!  We want to create a space for everyone who are not welcomed in cis-hetero-male dominitaed spaces. PLEASE: RESPECT consent AND boundaries → nor grabing, touching without consent. this is NOT OKAY! 


FLINTA* evening at Silverfuture!  Tired of swiping? You need some time off from online dating? We have an idea for you! Enjoy some nice drinks, check out some cute FLINTA*s and flirt the old school way. Get and write analogue messages from table to table and flirt the hell out of it. This evening is also for you who just wanna hangout with nice people and have a nice time with friends!  From FLINTA*s for FLINTA*s (Women, Lesbian, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans, Agender,...) ONLY!  Wednesday the 18th of January from 7 p.m. on.  Come in earlier to get a table and fall in love!  NO terfs, swerfs!  Flyer by the amazing @trashy_tatts (thanks a lot!)

Wednesday, 29.03, 5pm till late

Monday, 27.03, SHOW, 7pm

Lilith the Quing came back from Brazil and is bringing all the solar energy back to Silver Future with a celebration mood. Being visibly queer can be beautiful but also dangerous, and that's why we create spaces where we feel comfortable being who we are, and Visible Queers is creating this space for all the audience members to come in looks and be as queer as they are!

The show will be raising money for the construction of a retaining wall to stop landslides, which are very common in the rainy season in Rio de Janeiro. The donations will be directed to Larrubia (@travestinas), who's an activist in Rio. If you can't be at the event and still would like to donate, here's her email on PayPal:


Joining Lilith will be the incredible performers:  @balabimbambum @vncnt_2.0 @socha_putta @ppbessa @angelodynamo @riseofmojo @nancy.grrl  @bleach.babychino  See you there 💖💖💖



Be one of the first artists to be featured in the AlienFonic Live Sessions.  

Take a trip to new music worlds with our Alienfonic Live Sessions, presented by BLUE ALIEN (@blue_alien_music )!  


AlienFonic is a platform dedicated to  connecting live music and queer stories.  The project is giving  a stage to emerging music artists, celebrating all music genres and cultures.  Our goal is to support Berlin music artists in celebrating their uniqueness and giving them a space to express themselves authentically.  


The artists of the first session: - LILITH @lilithsmusic  - Zaki @azkoh11 - Jon Darc @jon_darc - Bronte Perkinson @bronteveofficial - Melvin Hein @melhein  - Elio Icaza @elioicaza   #queermondays




Monday, 17.04, live music, 7pm

Join us for "Sad and Gay Indie Night", a night of emotional indie tunes brought to you by three berlin-based flinta* artists.
OKTOBER is a singer, songwriter and producer, based in Berlin. The queer artist plays with soft intimacy, well arranged productions and heavy lyrics, fitting the season she’s named herself after. After the independent release of her first songs and music videos, OKTOBER’s currently releasing her first singles to her debut EP „Everyone‘s Sorry“, coming in May 2023.
Momo Tamtri is a queer and nonbinary Singer-Songwriter and guitarist, currently based in Berlin. Their sound is a mix of nostalgic Indie-Rock and -Folk and dark Dream- and Alternative Pop. A hypnotizing singing style combined with dreamy, sometimes edgy guitars is the musician’s invitation into their mind, emotions and thoughts. Expect to feel all the emotions and enjoy music from a queer-feminist perspective.
Jennifer Berning is a Berlin based queer singer songwriter. Sometimes delicate and brittle, sometimes bright and powerful, her voice takes you on a journey through all the seasons of life. Her songs unfold a dark, heart wrenching melancholy juxtaposed by a dreamy sound and folky melodies to sing along to.
flyer by Selma Karlsson Nordström @a.mles