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Wednesday, 23.11, Love is in the Air - FLINTA*, 7pm

Save the date! We are back in November with our super cute and hot FLINTA* Love is in the Air evening!
We want to create a space for everyone who are not welcomed in cis-hetero-male dominitaed spaces.
PLEASE: RESPECT consent AND boundaries → nor grabing, touching without consent. this is NOT OKAY!

FLINTA* evening at Silverfuture!
Tired of swiping? You need some time off from online dating?
We have an idea for you!
Enjoy some nice drinks, check out some cute FLINTA*s and flirt the old school way. Get and write analogue messages from table to table and flirt the hell out of it.
This evening is also for you who just wanna hangout with nice people and have a nice time with friends!
From FLINTA*s for FLINTA*s (Women, Lesbian, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans, Agender,...) ONLY!

Come in and fall in love!
NO terfs, swerfs!

Flyer by the amazing @trashy_tatts (thanks a lot!)

Monday, 28.11, Dandanah, 7.30 pm

Dandanah! @wizzyxcx  


The new Edition of 'DANDANAH' by Wizzy is here!  DANDANAH is an Arabic word that means Singing wherever you are at anytime and in every Situation. For so long the Music has been an Escape from reality to a perfect world where everyone is Equal and not defined by their Gender, Religion or Affiliations, and in this Evening  and Dandanah's Cast wanna hold your hand and Escape with you to that world. Interducing you to a new Culture, Genres and talnted Musicians and Artists that are not defined by anything but their Artistry and love to Music. 

Come toghether to enjoy a spicial Evining full of Love, Glam and Music on the 28th at 19:30. 


Poster by: @zazuka_music

Wednesday, 30.11, Golden Future, 5pm

Monday, 5.12, La Pain de Mie, 7pm

La Pain de Mie - music quiz:

Winter is here and it’s time to share drinks while playing together !

Gloria Gaypierre is warming up and ready for her last show of the year and hope to see you @silverfuture_bar on the Monday 05.12.2022 starting at 19:00.

Special winter categories / amazing shots to win / fabulous performances will make you have the most wonderful time of the year !